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Our team takes great pride in delivering the very best computer services and mobile phones or products to home and business customers wherever they are located.

We make the effort to get to know the needs of each and every customer who walks into our shop in Edinburgh or gives us a call to help us identify the right products and services for you. We’re computer geeks, but we make sure we don’t baffle our customers with jargon.

With many years experience in the industry, our reputation for quality and professionalism led to us becoming the computer installation and repair company of choice for one of Edinburgh’s largest retailers.

Whatever your needs, our experienced engineers will deliver patient, professional advice and service.

As the professional Computer and Mobile Phone Repair Centre in Edinburgh, We provide:

Mobile Phone Unlocking
Unlock your HTC phone, Blackberry, iPhone or other mobile phone to let you use any SIM card, anywhere.
We constantly upgrade our phone unlocking systems, so if we can’t unlock your mobile phone - no-one in Edinburgh can.
Mobile Phone Repair
Scratched phone screen? Faulty speaker or microphone? Charging problems? Water damage?
We can handle all repairs, no matter how difficult they might seem to you. Even other mobile phone repair shops in Edinburgh send us phones they can’t fix themselves.
Laptop Repair
Cracked or dim LCD screen? Power issues? Not booting up correctly? Broken optical disk drive? We fix all laptop problems on-site in Edinburgh.

We know how traumatic it can be if your laptop develops a fault. That’s why we offer a walk-in service at our computer and laptop repair shop in Edinburgh, with the aim of fixing laptop problems quickly and professionally.

Our fully kitted out laptop repair workshop means we don’t have to send your laptop away to a third party to get fixed. We have access to all replacement laptop components and our staff has seen and fixed every laptop problem you can think of.

We can repair all makes including Dell, HP, Sony, Toshiba, IBM, Acer and Mac laptops.

Our laptop repair services in Edinburgh include:

• Repairing and replacing laptop LCD screens
• Repairing and replacing faulty optical drives
• Replacement keyboards
• Replacement motherboards
• Fixing battery and power faults
• Replacement power, USB and headphone sockets
• Fixing dropped or water damaged laptops
• And much more...
Computer Repair
Life’s too short too waste on a slow computer. Ask for a free PC, Mac or laptop diagnosis if your computer is acting up.

Computer running like a snail with a hangover?
Having trouble accessing your favourite programs?
Experiencing unexpected warnings, crashes or strange noises?
Running out of space to store all your files safely?

Sit down. Put the kettle on. We’re here to help. Asking us to check out your computer is like taking your car into the garage to see what that strange clunking sound is. Who knows what trouble you could save yourself?

What we do:
We repair PCs, Macs and laptops on site and in our Edinburgh store, and because we focus on what you use your computer for most, we’ll make sure it’s in tip-top condition for your needs and won’t recommend a load of unnecessary extras.
Also repair on site if needed.
Data Recovery & Backup
Gain peace of mind. Recover important electronic files and implement a backup system to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

If you lose important files, contact us and the chances are we’ll be able to get them back from computers, memory cards, SD cards, cameras and CDs/DVDs… even if they disappeared a while ago.

With so many of us storing important documents and irreplaceable photos, videos and other files on our computers, protecting your data by backing it up regularly has never been more important.

By backing up and safely archiving your files, you’ll be able to restore them in the event of a computer crash, theft or other disaster. And, by implementing a regular, automated backup system you don’t even have to remember to do it yourself.

Even if the worse does happen and you lose valuable files, we can help you recover them and restore your system back to the way it was.
Internet Security

Worried about the nasties lurking online or in your PC? Protect against viruses, identity theft and other nightmares.

There are now more than one million viruses in circulation* and, as 50% of users are unaware of viruses or spyware hidden in their PC,
your computer may already be infected.

Viruses range from mild annoyances to programs that can hijack your computer, render it useless or steal your passwords.
So it makes good sense to ensure that your computer is as safe as possible. With the right Internet security system in place, you can:

• Enjoy peace of mind
• Browse the Web safely
• Improve your computer’s performance
• Safeguard your private files and financial information
• Extend the lifespan of your computer

We take virus protection so seriously, we even built a separate website containing details of how we can protect your PC.